Monday, March 7, 2016

Serial Kaller

Serial Kaller

Serial Kaller centers on a group of beautiful internet models. When they insult a caller live on the air, the girls find themselves stalked in their studio and being picked off one by one.
The film starts by setting up a backstory that shows a little boy who likes to wear his mother's make-up. The mother is obsessed with looking younger and when she says she's going to have plastic surgery and that she'll be beautiful again. The next day during the operation something goes horribly wrong and the mother dies. The boy is devastated by the news.
The film cuts to present day and shows the lives of girls who work at a sexy call in show. They live a very Housewives of Beverly Hills lifestyle; going to posh boutiques, busy nightclubs, and carrying around little lapdogs wearing little pink clothing. Their occupation is perfect for a slasher movie because it is loaded with sex and everybody knows that when you have sex in a slasher movie you die. Both sex and death are in abundance in this film. And that means there's a whole lot of good 'ol fashioned slashing to be had!
Serial Kaller really captures the randomness, playfulness, and unawareness of the characters that dominated slasher movies in the early 1980's. The ladies get killed one by one in every way you can imagine: head bashing, face slashing, suffocation, high heels in the eye, drowning, and more. The camera work during the kills is wonderfully old school and overly theatrical with several cuts and angles that accentuate and embody the spirit of the slasher genre. The combination of the great cast, variety of kills, and loads of blood (quite literally a load in one scene) make Serial Kaller a great time for any horror fans who love their retro slasher flicks. The film adds a bit of depth by showing the hell that some women put their bodies through in order to be “beautiful”.
Serial Kaller doesn't break any new ground for slasher movies and if you're not already a fan of these types of films then this won't be the movie to win you over. It plays within the rules of the slasher genre in a lovingly but cookie cutter way. Some may view that as a problem or a lazy script, but others will see it as the love letter it is to the genre that Roger Ebert dubbed “the dead teenager movie”. The cast of Serial Kaller is a who's who of independent horror with people like Dani Thompson, Suzi Lorraine, and the legend herself Debbie Rochon who is downright scary and freaking awesome here! I bet you won't be able to take your eyes off her in the final scenes of the film, although you might want to! Debbie Rochon always gives her best in every role she plays, which is why this horror fan will continue to be excited by any film she stars in.
Movies like this are made by horror fans for horror fans and star people we've come to recognize and know and vowed to support over the years. That's why a film like Serial Kaller is so fun to watch for us fans of slasher movies. Budgets and high end production values be damned, Serial Kaller is the type of film that feels like a party that we've been invited to and I'll be the first one on the phone to Suzi Lorraine or Dani Thompson or Debbie Rochon confirming my RSVP. Even if it kills me.


  1. JasonMc- Have you seen Debbie in "Axe to Grind"? Let me know if you haven't and I'll steer you to a site that is showing it.