Friday, June 12, 2015


Vendetta is the second film the Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska have directed for WWE Studios after last year's See No Evil 2. It's about a cop, Mason Danvers (Dean Cain) who puts away a major criminal, Victor Abbot (The Big Show) who walks due to a disappeared witness. When the criminal kills the cop's wife, the cop murders the criminal's brother to get sent to jail as well so he can get revenge. It's a straight up action revenge story.
Dean Cain may have been good 'ol boy enough to play Clark Kent and all American enough to play Superman but that Dean Cain is not to be found in Vendetta. Cain is a relentless and determined force in this movie and he completely kicks ass. It was awesome to see this, he truly is an underrated actor. What's even better is that Cain still has that charm to make you care about him and immediately root for him.
WWE superstar The Big Show also does a great job as the villain of the movie. He just oozes evil and you want him to get what's coming to him. Him and Cain have a great chemistry in the movie and this is very important to the success of the film. It's one against the other in a good old fashioned revenge story and the viewer must believe the toxic relationship between the two and the actors deliver on this.
Vendetta is a very slick looking film and it moves at a brisk pace. The characters are introduced, the story kicks off, and the hell in a cell begins. The music in the movie has a simmering, tribal and industrial feel to it that adds to the building tension of the situation. The Soska Sisters also don't disappoint with the blood. Every gunshot and every knife attack and fistfight is met with nice spurts of blood and oozing cuts. There's a great scene where Mason kills a fellow inmate with brass knuckles. He holds a pillow over the inmates face and as he pounds it over and over again, the white pillow quickly turns red.
There are plenty of fight scenes in the movie and bravo to the Soska Sisters for effectively filming them. There are no blurred shaky-cam sequences with several nonsensical cuts that hide a lot of the action. Instead we get coherent and well choreographed fights that are a blast to watch. A highlight is when Mason Danvers fights a group of inmates in a laundry facility and uses a towel as a weapon. It's Dean Cain doing his best Jackie Chan and it's freaking awesome to watch.
Mason's cop instincts also play a part in the prison as he uncovers that things may not be as they seem with the warden and his relationship with Victor Abbot.
Vendetta is a wild ride, an action packed revenge story in a prison full of hardened criminals and corrupt officials. It's gritty yet slick and simple yet engaging. And it's entertaining as hell.

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